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With this web page, I would like to share my knowledge and experience in working with effective microorganisms.

I would like to help others to know the benefits of EM and indigenous microorganisms.

The Bokashi Garden – Sustainable Environmental Management

Important Key to Nutrient-dense Food, Restoring Ecosystems, and Prosperity for All

15 years ago, I helped pioneer the use of effective microorganisms on Hawaii Island and began manufacturing Effective Microorganism (EMTM) Bokashi, which is central to our soil-building and fertility program. It establishes beneficial and effective microorganisms that are crucial to maintaining soil and plant health and maximizing food nutrition. EMTM is used around the world (150 countries) and it is widely known that EM applications result in the highest yield of quality produce.

EMTM Bokashi has many beneficial uses, a few of which include:

  • Increasing bioavailability of nutrients in fertilizers and existing soil, resulting in super nutrition for consumers.
  • Foliar sprays with EM accelerate plant growth rates by up to 30%.
  • Effectively helping to combat pests.
  • Increasing soil moisture retention by up to 25%, decreasing water usage and bills.
  • Mediating pollutants found in soil or non-organic fertilizers.
  • Supporting till-free farming, which reduces labor and fuel costs.
  • Remediating polluted ground water.

My Bokashi is recognized by international experts for its high quality and shelf stability.

The greatest challenge in producing any fermentation product is creating the optimal symbiotic balance of microorganisms. To create a balanced, self-limiting grouping from scratch can take a farmer months or years. Island Herbs greatly appreciates that Dr. Higa’s research has given farmers a short cut for creating great microorganism products for growing nutrition-packed food.

There is fifty years of research behind the strains of organism in EMTM. Dr. Hiro Higa of EM found an optimal combination and concentration of microorganisms that are self-sustaining. These organisms are found everywhere in the world and support the growth of other local microorganisms. EM organisms are kept in check by their companions. One strain can’t outgrow the others because they are limited by the output of waste provided by fellow organisms. The growth of the culture is therefore balanced and retains optimum ratios of bacteria and fungi. This symbiotic balance is key for a shelf-stable and consistently high-quality Bokashi.

More information

For more information about EMTM, including research results, please visit the EM Research Organization website at and be inspired by Dr. Higa’s philosophy and science-based understanding of how to help overcome many of the challenges our world faces.

For more information about my products or for a farm or garden consultation email me at or call (808) 989-1836