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I have been advocating for Hawaii farmers to be able to grow industrial hemp for over 30 years. Hemp can play a pivotal role in re-creating a sustainable Hawaii, as well as providing a viable and lucrative crop for Hawaii farmers.

Cab Baber with Senator Laura H. Thielen discussing industrial hemp at the Kohala Chapter of Hawaii Farmers Union United


I’ve developed several products that utilize high quality hemp oil and cannabidiols (CBDs). In my research, the human response to Hawaii-grown hemp ingredients has been highly significant, and our new line of CBD products incorporating sandalwood oil is promising:

Master Growing Experience

  • My growing and agricultural methods have shown to increase typical yields by 30%
  • I have deep personal experience in seed production, cloning, and breeding.
  • Over the course of many years, I have developed pruning techniques that increase quality and production, setting new standards in grow operations on the Big Island.

My Hemp Highlights

  • Co-founded the Hawaii Island Hemp Council that advocated for hemp as a replacement for sugar cane in the 1990s,
  • Coordinated the statewide farmers hemp effort, which culminated in the passage of Senate Bill 2659 in 2016, establishing Hawaii State’s program for growing hemp.
  • Advised the University of Hawaii on how to amend soil for optimal hemp grow during 2015 pilot project, which was a significant success. Only farmer in the State invited to project launch and planting of the industrial hemp.  
  • Featured in Edible Hawaii magazine (on-line and print) as long-time advocate for industrial hemp,

"Beyond the products it offers, hemp can also help the ‘āina — the land. On the North Shore of the Big Island Clarence Baber, owner of Island Herbs Hawai‘i, says research has shown hemp can help rejuvenate the land by stabilizing and cleaning polluted soil."   – Clarence A Baber (Cab), featured in Edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine

In 2005, I appeared on KHON Ch2 News – UH sets up industrial hemp research station – Please see from 0:40 – Hawaii makes hemp history – Fuel, food and fiber